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Smile, it matters.

We don't often think about it, but the shape of our mouth can have a huge impact on our day.

A smile is the most powerful facial expression we can have. It disarms, it welcomes, and it conveys confidence. A smile can also quickly change the tone and mood of a conversation.

Even writing this blog, I am sitting here smiling! Why? Because I'm in a good mood! It doesn't matter if I'm alone, or with others, my smile is for me.

I smile because I want to be happy. I smile because happiness is just as contagious as anger, and I'd rather spread joy.

My smile is felt in the language I use, my tone of voice, and is conveyed over the phone just as if they could see it.

We all know that sales is a tough gig. We never know what the day has brought to our prospect before they connect with us. All we know for sure, is we want them to buy our products or services. While we can't change the day they were having, we can create a happy, fulfilling experience.

If we focus on the positive, with a smile on our face, we become the solution they need. We become a friend, supporter, and even confidant.

So, try it. Smile. Even when you don't want too, or don't "feel" it, put a smile on your face... and keep it there for at least a count of 30. Do it before every call, every meeting, every interaction with a prospect. If you do this, you'll close more sales and have happier customers!


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