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It's about transformation!

We all like to close a sale. It's how we get paid, and how we build our business. How we sell means much more than simply closing a transaction.

Each and every time a Canadian household comes to us for their mortgage needs, they are trusting us.

They trust us to look out for their best interests. They trust us to be ethical and provide advice that helps them achieve their goals.

By focusing on the sale being transformative we are looking beyond the immediate reward of commission and instead creating a lasting relationship. Looking beyond the immediate pay received translates into a better experience for the customer.

When we treat people like a transaction, they can feel the "disinterest" in our tone, language used, and by how open we are to questions.

Do you make an effort to ask your customers questions and base how you proceed on their answers? Do you stay away from industry lingo? Do you base your advice on each individual customer, or are you using a "standardized" approach?

Think of it this way. When you are dealing with a business what makes you most enjoy the interaction?

What service have you received in the past that you can still remember to this day for being positive?

How did you feel? What were the main emotions you connect to the experience?

Now do the opposite and think about the times when you got less than desirable service? What was one small, simple, thing that could have occurred to switch the experience to a positive one?

Lastly, think about all the other unremarkable interactions you have on a daily basis. Can you even remember the name of the person you dealt with?

Transformative selling means you always strive to be memorable (for good reasons). It means paying attention to each client and giving them the best service you can.

It means smiling, even when you don't want too. It means remembering that your bad day, is yours. Don't project it on others.

It also means remembering that you have no idea what is in your clients mind. We cannot assume that everyone else's life is a bucket of rose petals.

Our jobs as sales professionals is all about listening, hearing, processing, and responding. We are after all dealing with the single largest purchase most people will make in their lives. It's stressful.

The things we do to alleviate that stress and uncertainty can make or break our business.

The customer may not always be right, but they are always our customer and our reason for being.

So, remember, even in those moments when we really don't "feel" it, put on a smile and give each customer the chance to experience you at your finest.

It's how you build sustainability and help transform people's lives for the better.

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