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Being a mortgage professional is not an easy gig, and don't we all know it! There are some days that drive us to the very edge of sanity and we have to wonder... "what the heck are we doing?"

A head in hand sorta moment.

Then there are the days when you help someone do something they never thought possible. Own their own home. Lucky for us, those make up the majority of our days. From the very second we talk to a new client we are doing something really wonderful - we are helping make dreams come true. Each of our customers is looking to us for guidance, support, and most importantly - an approved mortgage.

If you stop to really think about what we do - we help people achieve their goals. We help them achieve their dreams. We do that by being the best mortgage sales people that this great nation has ever seen. We do that by remembering that everyone is our customer and they all have the same dreams of security, stability, and achieving wealth.

Some of our customers come to us further down the path and are mortgage ready. An awful lot of them are at various stages on the path to being mortgage ready, and this is where we want to make sure you can truly shine. Just because someone may not qualify for a mortgage today, doesn't mean they won't in the future.

Dreams come to us from all walks of life and in all shapes and sizes. For many it is the overwhelming thought of becoming a home owner, for others it is expanding their property empire. They are all working towards the same thing, a dream. To achieve that dream they need money, and that is where each one of us comes in to play a key role.

Haystax is here to provide you with the brand, the support, technology, and training to equip our franchisees and their agents to be there to lift their communities. To empower more people through home ownership and enable them to master their financial future.

When we help someone who is credit challenged through Credit Cure, provide invaluable peace of mind with Haystax Insurance Services, and finally help them buy their dream home, it is not just a transaction. It is a whole life experience that educates, inspires, and creates a bond that lasts, quite literally, generations.

You are not just building your future, you are building the future of our communities, cities, province, and nation. You are playing a pivotal role laying the foundations for a brighter future.

That is what it means to be a mortgage professional.

That is what it means to be a Haystax'er.

Dream Maker.

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