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About Haystax Mortgage

Haystax was launched with the desire to achieve 2 significant goals in the Canadian mortgage marketplace.

Goal #1:To equip mortgage professionals in Canada with better tools, support, and training so they can achieve their goals and provide Canadians with exceptional service and advice.


Goal #2:To give Canadians better access to lenders and information to help them make informed home ownership decisions.

Fair Play is tops

At Haystax we believe so strongly in the strength of collaboration that we are the first, and only, brand in the mortgage space who gives franchisees and their teams a real voice in the direction we take as a brand.

That is why we are very proud to be the only company in Canada that has a formal Franchise Advisory Council with real teeth, and a measurable contribution to the direction the Haystax brand takes.

We don't just say we are committed to fair play, we prove it through our actions.

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