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Haystax Franchise Portal

Welcome to the Haystax Franchise Portal. This resource is our one stop for all operational and training guides and much more for Haystax Franchisees and their teams.


At Haystax we take the needs of our network of professionals seriously and we have built some of the industry's leading training in collaboration with top university educators from across the globe.

The Haystax Franchise Portal also provides advisors from across Canada a closed, secure, social platform and other tools designed to provide our Advisors with the best resources available in the industry today.

Success Stories

"Joining Haystax was the best decision I have ever made as a mortgage professional."

Rafael Jacobs

"Never mind the fantastic branding, I am really impressed with the constant forward looking team and all of the amazing support that we receive."

Isa Treadwell

"Having a Franchise Advisory Council has completely changed my perspective on what it means to own a franchise. I never knew what I was missing before, but glad I know now and made the change."

JC Brant

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